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Social Media Advertising

Elevate Your Brand with Strategic Social Media Campaigns

Our Social Media Advertising Process


Ad Creative Design

You need to create advertising content that gets people to click. But clicks aren't enough, you need advertising content that converts. Our process to create high click-through-rate ads are as follows:

  1. Develop a key message that helps them avoid failure or achieve success.

  2. People buy SOLUTIONS not products, sales or offers.


Targeted Ad Campaigns

Your Facebook ads targeting is everything. If you have your Facebook ad targeting down right it can take your business from a 1% click-through-rate to a 4% click-through-rate. Here is our process for finding the PERFECT Facebook Ads Targeting:

  1. Be specific with demographics. (Age, Gender, & Interests)

  2. Exclude interests in multiple ad sets (Avoid audience overlap)


Consistent Growth

We had a client who we took from spending $20/day to over $400/day in less than 30 days. Best part, it was profitable ad spend. Here is how we did it:

  1. Be shocking with headlines. (Test hooks on other platforms)

  2. Make changes constant and frequent. If you are going to scale, scale at a small percentage growth. (Example: 20% per day for 30 days)

Why Choose Social Media Advertising?

4.8B Daily users on social media!

76% Of all purchases come from social media!

57M clicks from ads daily!

Customer tracking from platform to website!

Important Social Media Advertising KPI's



CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition. This means how much does it cost for you to acquire a new customer through social media advertising. For you to have a high performing campaign on social media you want to have your CPA be 15-30% of the price of your item.


  • This is a beauty brand known for its make up.

  • They sell a beauty kit at $100.

  • $50 of which is gross profit.

  • If $30 is the CPA, they profit $20 per purchase.


Click Through Rate

On social media advertising platforms you pay for eyes not clicks like you would on a search engine platform. That being said, we want as many eyes to click on our ad. Click Through Rate is how we track the percentage of eyes that click on our ads. A good CTR is anything above 1%.


  • This is a fishing brand known for its unbreakable hooks

  • They spend $20/day in ad spend (Roughly 40k impressions per month)

  • If they have a bad ad: 0.5% CTR (200 monthly clicks)

  • If they have a good ad: 2% CTR (800 monthly clicks)


Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of users on site turn into a conversion. This tells us how well we are speaking to the ideal customer from a website perspective. To calculate conversion rate it is conversions/site visitors. A good conversion rate is anything above 2%.


  • This is a fitness clothing brand

  • They are getting 250 monthly site visitors

  • If they have a bad conv. rate: 0.98% = 2 conversions

  • If they have a good conv. rate: 3% = 7 conversions

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