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Search Advertising

Boost Your Visibility with Targeted PPC Ads

Why Choose Search Engine Advertising?


Search Intent

PPC advertising leverages the power of search intent. When users enter specific keywords, they are actively looking for something, whether it's a product, service, or information. Your ads appear when potential customers are most engaged, increasing the likelihood of conversions.


  • This is a fitness shoe brand

  • A user searches for "best running shoes for marathon training." 

  • This shows that they are searching for the product we sell.


Measurable ROI

One of the key advantages of search advertising is its measurable return on investment (ROI). You can track performance, including clicks, conversions, and costs, providing clear insights into how your ad spend aligns with your business goals.


  • This is a fitness shoe brand

  • Each click costs $0.50 (CPC)

  • Every 100 clicks they get a purchase

  • We know that they get a purchase every $50 spent


Competitive Advantage

PPC advertising offers the ability to target competitors brand or product names as keywords. As you appear above your competitors organic listing it adds credibility to your brand and takes away from theirs.


  • This is a fitness shoe brand

  • They are competing with Nike

  • To target Nike Keywords it is $2 per click

  • Even though it is more expensive, we are stealing customers from a competitor.

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PPC Advertising Platforms

Also known as search advertising platforms!


Google Advertising

Google is typically the go to platform for any type of advertising. You can run ads on Google maps, YouTube, Search & display ads. 

Best for:

  • E-commerce Brands

  • Local Brands

  • B2B Brands


Reddit Ads

What makes Reddit ads so unique, is the fact that it combines social media with CPC marketing. Often allows you to speak about more niche topics and to a younger audience. Average user on Reddit is 18-29 and Male. 

Best for:

  • Hyper Niche E-Commerce Brands

  • Hyper Niche Local Brands


Microsoft & Bing

Bing is typically the best for older audiences. The average user on Bing & Microsoft is 45 – 54 years old and makes $100k annually. 

Best for:

  • E-Commerce Brands that focus on older audiences

  • Local Businesses



Amazon is THE e-commerce giant. This platform is for anyone who sells a physical product. Not a service. 

Best for:

  • E-commerce Brands

  • Product Based B2B

Our Approach To Search Ads


Research & Development

Our first goal is to understand your product, customers & what they care about. Specifically we are looking to learn demographics: Age, Gender, Interests, & competition loyalty.


  • Women's Fitness Clothing Brand

  • Age: 18-38 (potentially older)

  • Gender: Female

  • Interests: Fitness, Workouts, Strength & Conditioning 

  • Competition: Nike, Ryderwear,  & Adidas 


Google Ad Campaign Launch

When we launch the ads we typically focus on 3 types of ad groups. Competitor, buy intent, & general interest keywords. From their we do Manual CPC (enhanced). That way we can focus more towards keywords that are profitable. 


  • Women's Fitness Clothing Brand

    • Keywords:

      • Competitors: "Nike Women's Fitness Tank Top"

      • Buy Intent: "Best Women's Fitness Tank Tops"

      • General Interest: "Women's Fitness Clothing"


Ad Copy Creation

The MOST important part of google advertising is creating content that makes users searching think you are the solution to their problems. Be specific with what you do and how you can help. Headlines have 30 characters and descriptions have 90 characters. You need to make sure you sell your service in those limitations. 


  • Women's Fitness Clothing Brand

    • Headlines: "Fashionably Fit for Women"

    • Description: "Elevate your style with fashionable fitness wear."

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