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20x Growth in 4 Months (Focusing on Facebook ads)

Facebook Ad For Science Company

A client came to us in 2023 with a little over $2,400 in monthly revenue and in 4 months we helped them hit $40,000 in monthly revenue. This doesn't happen to everyone but in this case study we are going to be going over every aspect of their marketing and explaining how this happened. It also could be useful information to you and your business to help you reach the next level.

Client Industry: Science

Important services: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email & SMS Marketing, & SEO.

Table of contents:


CPA Vs CPM of a science business using facebook ads

Before Motor Media

Before we came in to help this business they were struggling with High CPM's and expensive CPA costs. They were roughly spending $77 per new customer that would spend on average $40. Before we came in they were only doing Facebook ads.

While going through our discovery process for this client, we sat down and took a look at his Facebook and determined that he had high audience overlap. Audience overlap is dangerous on Facebook if we are bidding for 2 audiences that are too similar we could be bidding for the same person twice. You are effectively competing with yourself for the attention of that audience.

Explanation of facebook ads audience overlap.

If possible try to avoid audience overlap at all costs. It will severely damage your CPM's and will make it nearly impossible to be profitable on ads.


CPA Vs CPM on a facebook ads account that was showing audience overlap

Facebook Ads

Fixing the audience overlap was our first and main priority and you can see that immediately after taking over the account for our first full month in September, we were able to take CPM's from over $60 to under $40 and our CPA's from $77 to $10.58.

We fixed overlap in 3 main steps:

  1. Create exclusions for interest audiences

  2. Exclude past website visitors

  3. Exclude LLA's in other ad sets

After fixing audience overlap and reaching profitability, we aimed to scale to increase total revenue for this client. Scaling is a difficult piece of Facebook ads. Facebook is a predictive learning algorithm meaning it basis who and where it targets off of your budget. Scaling budget means we need to be consistent in our efforts in raising the budget. The maximum we aim to scale is 20% per day for a minimum of 7 days. Often times, we will set a rule to make it automatic.

Monthly ad spend vs monthly revenue on a facebook ads account

Once we hit profitability with ads we started to scale on a regular basis.


  1. Set up exclusions

  2. Always focus on getting to profitability

  3. Once ready to scale do not exceed 20% increase in budget per day over 7 days

Google Ads

Google Ads

Google ads was never a super huge focus for this client. We knew going into it that our main focus would be brand defense and a small amount of prospecting.

Immediately we saw that adding a brand defense campaign was a really important change. Instantly we captured the 60-80 people per month googling the brand. This was able to get us a very simple $6-$8 CPA on a 50%+ conversion rate campaign.

Email & SMS Marketing

With our email marketing strategy we decided to focus on 2 things. Automations & campaigns. Here is how we structured that marketing channel:

  1. Post purchase flow

    1. Upselling to other products and offering discounts to re-purchase

  2. Abandoned cart flow

    1. Using whatever information collected to try and save a buyer

  3. Browse Abandonment

    1. Email people who were browsing a product page and didn't purchase or add to cart.

Moving Forward

What will be most important to a brand of this size moving forward is SEO. With this client in particular, they are lacking domain authority, solid blog writing & good technical writing. Adding SEO into the mix will allow this client to elevate their marketing to the next level.


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